143rd New York Volunteers Infantry
2017 Schedule of Events
As of January 30, 2017
(*) Denotes A Bold USV Maximum Effort Event.
        (**) Denotes A Bold  2nd Regiment  Maximum Effort Event.
 (***) Denotes A 143rd NYVI Maximum Effort Event.

Date                            Event                      Location                             

January 7, 2017                       USV Meeting/Dinner                  Gettysburg, Pa.
 (***) January 21, 2017         143rd Annual Meeting (10: 00am)           Hurleyville, NY.
 (***) April 21-22,2017            Walnut Mt (drill/ encampment)                  Liberty, NY
                                                                  (**) April 29-30, 2017             Neshaminy (Reenactment)                 Bensalem, PA                                                                               (2nd Regiment Max Effort)   

  May 5-6,2017                    Old Mill Village (Reenactment)         New Milford, PA
                                                                                 (*) May 19-21                        New Market (Reenactment)                   New Market, Va                                                                              (USV Max Effort)
 May 28, 2017                    Memorial Day Parade                                  Hawley, Pa
 May 29, 2017                     Memorial Day Parade                                Fremont, NY
 May 29, 2017                   Memorial Day Ceremony                               Liberty, NY
June 2-4, 2017                 Penny Packer ( Reenactment)                  Schwenksville, Pa
 June 16-18, 2017           Camp Geiger (Reenactment)                           White Hall, PA
                                                                             (*) July 1-3, 2017               154rd Gettysburg (Reenactment)                 Gettysburg, PA                                                                                                                                      (USV Max Effort)                                          
                                                                              (***) TBA                                 Fort Delaware                                             Narrowsburg, NY   
                                                                                                          (Living History/ Recruitment)(143rd Max Effort)
                                                                                             (***)Sept 1-3-,2017              Museum Village (Reenactment)                          Monroe, NY                                                                                (143rd Max Effort)
                                                                            (***) TBA          Boy Scout Campboree                   Walnut Mt. Liberty, NY                                                                                                                                                    (Living History/ Recruitment)(143rd Max Effort)                                                                                             
                                                                                (*) Oct 13-15, 2017            Cedar Creek (Reenactment)             Middletown, VA                                                                                         (USV Max Effort)

  Nov 18,   2017                  Remembrance Day Parade                Gettysburg, PA

Other Events
Living Histories and Parades

                                                                                                      TBA                    National Train Day/Civil War Day       Honesdale, PA                                                                                                                                     (Living History/ Recruitment)
  June 10, 2017                         Veteran’s Parade                       Waymart, PA
                                                                                                        TBA                      9th Annual Zane Grey Festival                 Lackawaxen, PA                                                                                                                (Living History/ Recruitment)                      
                                                                                                    Aug 18-19, 2017                            Canal Festival                   Hawley/Honesdale, PA                                                                                                            ( 10am- 4pm Living History/ Recruitment)
                                                                                               Sept 10, 2017                 Sullivan Co Conservation Club              Liberty, NY                                                                                                                         (Living History/Recruitment)
                                                                                                            Sept 16, 2017                      Sullivan Co Long Beards                          Roscoe, NY                                                                                                               (Living History/Recruitment)
20) Nov 11, 2017                Veteran’s Day Ceremony                       Long Eddy, NY